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What We're About:

Old Meeting House Ice Cream at 4004 S MacDill Ave. Tampa, Florida manufactures and supplies super premium, handcrafted, all natural 16%

premium ice cream and many other gourmet

frozen items in 3 Gallon tubs. 

Our products stand out because of:

  • Hand Crafting
  • Batch Freezing
  • Freshly Produced
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Gluten Free Dairy Mix
  • No Artificial Colors Added*
  • No Artificial Flavors Added*
  • No Preservatives Added
*We do add artificial color to some of our Kidz flavors to make them bright and fun.
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Enjoy our unique handcrafted ice cream flavors,

at 16% butterfat it's "Super Premium" and the best

in the bay.  Over 100 flavors and here's a few.

Cherry Signfeld, Smore's, Super Hero, PB & J,

Jamocha Fudge Brownie, Toasted Coconut,

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl, Carmel Cashew Brittle,

Java Jive, CC Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chili, 

Cookies & Cream, yummy



See the entire tasty list!


Java Jive
Espresso coffee ice cream with flecks of dark roasted, Turkish coffee beans. Guaranteed to get your mojo working.
As part of our deluxe flavor line.

Healthy Alternatives:

Watching what you eat? No worries. We have many products that are low fat, low sugar, zero transfat, gluten free, dairy free & vegan certified.

For example learn more about our  Soy Kreme.


Do you have a great flavor and amazed no one has created it yet? Well, we can bring it to life!

Read how



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